Try increasing gamma if dark sections aren't distinguished

Try increasing gamma if dark sections aren't distinguished

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Double transit and GRS on jupiter

On 3/21-22 Jupiter put on a juggling display
Io, Europa and their shadows crossed Jupiter's face along with the great red spot over the course of a few hours

unfortunately, the seeing was mediocre causing distortions
mid shadow transit, only the double shadows are evident:
ironically, the transiting moons are obscured by the bright surface of Jupiter while their shadows are obvious.

as the moons rotate off to the right edge of the planet,
they become evident casting shadows just before their transits end:

here's the animation of the second half of the show, over ~1.5 hours:

PS i've got confirmation from the amateur community that the GRS has been getting a bit more red since 2012. it's also slowly shrinking according to NASA.

celestron nexstar 8 GPS (8" SCT on a wedge)
27x 3 minute captures with firecapture @ 200 fps (exposure limited at 45% histogram with gain 64)
stacked in autostakkert, Drizzle 3x, then reduced to 1.5x
sharpened in registax 6
Southern California
mediocre seeing
Mid(UT): 3/22/16

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